Saturday, October 22, 2011

Precursor to Sybil Exposed - Nathan book

The American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis - Jan 2008 

The bifurcation of the self: The history and theory of dissociation and its disorders by Lawrence, Mark

"In fact, from my perspective, it is Rieber who has distorted the evidence to establish his case. For example, the appendix includes a long letter which includes a short section in which Sybil refers to having written something to the effect that she had made up everything about being a multiple personality, but this was presented in her letter in the context of trying to find a way of not needing Dr. Wilbur. Rieber calls this a "letter of denial" of MPD/DID. There are many more instances in which Rieber misrepresents the material in the appendix to support his case."